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Fire ants are nasty, stinging, swarming ants. Every year they cost Americans more than $6 Billion in property damage, hospital trips, skin treatments and fire ant control efforts. Because of their attraction to electricity, fire ants are responsible for knocking out street lights, airport runway lights and countless household electrical devices. Every year, fire ant swarms delivering potent venom through their stingers, kill pets, small animals and a number of unfortunate humans.

The red imported fire ant was introduced to the US in the 1930s. Fire ants have since spread to cover most of the Gulf Coast states, eastern Texas and parts of California. Fire ants nest in the soil and construct hills or mounds that are easily identifiable in lawns and pastures. A single lawn may contain a dozen or more fire ant hills. Fire ants also create mounds within landscape mulch and beneath landscape timbers or under walkway slabs.. These mounds may be largely hidden from view making them difficult to detect, hampering fire ant control efforts.

Fire Ant Control

Fire ant control has become increasingly important as fire ant mounds pop up in the spring and early summer months. Control of fire ants can often lead to nasty fire ant bites. Because of this, most people contemplate killing fire ants as quickly and completely as they can. Many fire ant elimination products, both organic and non-organic are available for purchase in the Fire Ant Products Store.

Fire Ant Elimination - Fire ants are widespread in the southern US. Three types of fire ants are most common: southern fire ants, imported fire ants, and red imported fire ants. All of these species are significant threats to humans due to their very painful and venomous stings. One effective way of killing fire ants is the use of fire ant bait. There are a number of recommended products on the market. Traditional fire ant bait uses strong toxic chemicals that may may harm wildlife (birds, dogs etc.). Newer organic bait is becoming more mainstream, is very effective, and is safe for wildlife. Fire ant elimination using bait is most effective with regular use in order to prevent a re-infestation. Controlling fire ants using bait is very easy. Being careful not to be stung, spread the bait liberally on and near the fire ant mound. The fire ants will then carry the bait (thinking it is food) back to the colony to share it with the entire ant population. Most baits work, killing fire ants within 72 hours of initial application.

Fire Ant Bites

Fire ant bites are very painful and need special care to assure they are not infected. We cover all details of fire ant bite reactions and treatment.

The Fire Ant Store - fire ant elimination made easy

Fire ant elimination and killing fire ants are simple with the right tools. We have a complete line-up of organic and non-organic fire ant control products. We offer fire ant bait, bait spreaders, and dry and liquid mound treatments for drenching fire ant hills.

We also offer a number of fire ant bite treatment:. Hydrocortisone for pain and itch, Antihistamines to temper allergic reactions and a number of special fire ant creams.

Red Imported Fire Ants

Red imported fire ants are native to South America. They were introduced to the US in the 1930's and despite massive fire ant control efforts have managed to spread to about 1/3 of the US. They are known for their painful sting and lightning fast swarming ability. Red imported fire ants are extremely aggressive and known for their speedy migration from one location to another. This is a key component in red imported fire ant elimination efforts. It is important to initially treat a wide area with fire ant bait prior to treating individual mounds. For a more detailed description on fire ant control methods, please see our fireant control page.

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