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Solar Panel Installation by certified Westfield solar installers

Current New York solar incentives include generous rebates for solar electric and solar hot water systems.  When combined with Federal solar rebates your solar panel installation will be approximately 50-60% less because of the incentives!  Our solar installers will be happy to answer your questions and explain the benefits of solar power.  Simply click the image below, fill in the form, and a certified solar installer will contact you by phone at your convenience.

New York solar incentives - solar energy rebates and tax credits

New York is one of the best states for solar power for two resaons:  it's abundant solar energy and it's fantastic solar incentives and rebates.  Look here for details on the New York energy tax credit, rebates, grants and solar incentives like the Photovoltaic and Fuel Cell State Tax Credit.

Westfield solar installers - local solar power experts

Solar panel installation by NABCEP certified Westfield solar installers is important for both safety and long term performance of your solar power installation.  Whether your solar panels are for your home or commercial installation, and will be connected to the grid through net metering, or completely off the grid, employing local Westfield solar panel installation experts will ensure your satisfaction and provide for quick follow-up and maintenance.  Fill out our Westfield solar panel installation form and we will have an approved, licensed solar panel installer from Westfield contact you within hours. 

Westfield Solar Panel Installation - The Process

Step 1.  Fill out the Westfield solar panel installation form to give us basic information on your home or commercial enterprise, the proposed location for the solar panels, and your contact information.

Solar Panel Installation - Information gathering

Step 2.  A Westfield solar installer will call to ask further questions and arrange a visit to your home or business.

Step 3.  On-site visit to speak with the home or business owner (see video), assess the location of the solar panel installation.  Take measurements and answer specific questions about the solar panel installation.

Step 4.  Solar installer will deliver detailed Westfield installation proposal.  Proposal includes all applicable rebates, from Westfield, state and federal energy tax credits.  Contracts signed.

Westfield Solar Panel Installation - Installation work begins

Step 5.  A typical solar panel installation takes 1-2 days after the solar panels and equipment arrive. Solar panel installation will usually involve 2-3 Westfield installers working together to complete the job.

Ready to take the next step?  Fill out our Westfield solar installers form.  We'll get right back to you! 

Cheers to you for going solar! Thank you for keeping our licensed NABCEP Westfield solar contractors working...

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